Moskitos Films is ready to help you in any kind of production need. From movies, TV Series, commercials, short films to any type of production you need. From crew sizes of 8 to 200, stunts to special effects, experience and the technical capacity to scale any production is in our arsenal. Our highly skilled network has all the experience needed to achieve and exceed your production needs.


We’ll work to fulfill your production needs in formats including original content, mini series and feature films. Whether your shoot lasts just one day or several weeks, we’re here to assist you. Schedule, budget, location scouting, casting, local crew, accommodation and transportation. With a great local knowledge and a broad experience in the field. We’re here to give you the best financial and safest options combined.


We are ready to help you in every way of your photography production needs. We have variety of experienced photographers and ready to roll at all times. From locations to equipments to casting. Everything is meticioulslcy organized and ready to be delivered on time.​